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See you at the Tallarook Farmers Market, held on the first Sunday of every month, 8:30am to 12:30pm, or browse a selection of my soaps at the Tallarook General Store any day of the week!

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About My Soaps & Me

I am based in central Victoria in beautiful countryside. I love being so close to nature and I hope we can preserve this beautiful countryside for generations to come. So I try to be as ecologically aware as possible - eg. the cellophane bags for the shower steamers are biodegradable and compostable. The ingredients in the soaps are septic safe. The electricity I use is generated from solar power

I use the simplest of ingredients to create hand made products that are both functional and sensitive to the environment

My "Artisan" range places emphasis on luxurious feel, delicate scents and artistic design

My "Natures" range focuses on natural colours and essential oils and has Shea Butter added after the saponification process.

And my "Novelty" range introduces fun shapes and sizes

My soaps are hand-made, and won’t always be perfectly ’square’... each bar of soap is different, unique, special! Each soap from a loaf is also different and unique. Different batches may look slightly different, but will be true to the original design

My soap-making philosophy is simple... underneath all the colours and swirls and shapes and scents, there must be "great soap!"

My soaps have been shown to lather well in hard water, they clean very dirty hands, and they are septic friendly. No animal fats, only vegetable oils.

Minimal ingredients, mixed by hand, off-grid in the Tallarook Ranges... the electricity and the water used to make my soaps come only from the sun and the clouds.

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Location: Tallarook, Victoria, Australia

Personal email: cj@4ufromcj.com.au
Sales email: sales@4ufromcj.com.au
Web: www.4ufromcj.com.au
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ABN: 40424664277
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